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Super User


  • In the self-hosted AOC, the super user portal can be used for managing organizations, users and other keys aspects of the AOC installation such as storage, backup, health of the underlying mesos tasks, etc.
  • The super user portal can be accessed at the following url http://myaoc.install.url:8443/app/login
  • The super user name and password are the same user as created during the installation of AOC

Managing Organization

Super users can create and manage organizations. Organization enforces multi-tenancy and users in an organization can't see the data from other organizations.


Managing Users

Super users can create users as a part of the organization. users

Managing AOC Cluster Settings

Mesos Marathon

AOC leverages Mesosphere DC/OS for orchestrating all the containers. In cluster settings you can access and manage the Mesos Marathon and Mesos settings. marathon




The AOC leverages Zookeeper for coordinating specific real-time data such as the meta-data collected from Kubernetes and Docker. The super user portal provides convenient access to the Zookeeper settings. zk


The SMTP settings are used for sending alerts as emails. smtp

Outbound Proxy

Self-hosted AOC instances communicated with out license manager for billing and credit accounting. If there is an intermediate proxy for an outbound connection then that proxy can be specified here along with the port. proxy


AOC provides option for using local as well as S3 for storing the metrics data. The S3 settings require keys and appropriate permissions. storage


Super users can easily backup AOC data using the automated backup and restore features. backup