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Scaling Epoch AOC installation

If you are running the clustering ready version of Epoch AOC, then you can scale-out your installation by adding another worker instance (or more).

To do so, first launch another instance of Epoch AOC by following the instructions in installation section. Please make sure to open the required ports on the newly launched instance.

Make sure you have SSH access to that instance, and then, as user core, run the command:

sudo /opt/nutanix/epoch/latest/bin/ worker <epoch-aoc-master-ip>

<epoch-aoc-master-ip> is the IP address of your first Epoch AOC instance in the cluster.

Please let this script run to completion until the apps are done scaling.

Note: Refrain from exiting the script prematurely, or re-running the script on an already joined worker.

Additional Ports to Open

Inbound and Outbound traffic to/from Epoch AOC cluster VPC subnet:

  • Entire TCP Port Range - [0-65535] for Epoch AOC cluster operation.

  • Entire UDP Port Range - [0-65535] for Epoch AOC cluster operation.