SSH Access

SSH access to your Netsil AOC instance(s)

To access Netsil AOC instance(s) over ssh, you will need the private key of the keypair that you specified at launchtime.

For users of the generic machine images (qcow2/vdi/vhd/vmdk), you may configure ssh access by creating a config-drive. Follow these instructions to do so:

chmod +x create-basic-configdrive
./create-basic-configdrive -H netsil -S ~/.ssh/<your-key>.pub

This will create an ISO file named netsil.iso. When you are creating your virtual machine for Netsil AOC, attach netsil.iso as an extra drive. After Netsil AOC boots up, you should be able to SSH into the instance with the command below.

Run the following command to ssh:

ssh -l core -i <your-key>.pem <instance-ip-address>