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Upgrading Epoch AOC

Clustered version

Note: Ensure you have at least 5 GB of free space on your Epoch instance before beginning the upgrade process.

To upgrade the clustered version of Epoch, look for the green "!" sign in the upper right-hand corner.

Click on it and follow the directions to begin the upgrade process. It should take between 10 - 15 minutes for the upgrade to complete.

If you are not redirected to a status page, you can go to https://<your.epoch.aoc.url>/#/upgrading to see the status of your upgrade.

Single-container versions

Since single-container distribution of Epoch AOC has a variety of installation methods (including docker-compose, DCOS, and Kubernetes), the upgrade process for this version will also vary.

Regardless of method, first obtain the updated installation manifests. Instructions follow for each method:


  • In the directory where you downloaded your current docker-compose.yml installation manifest for Epoch, run docker-compose stop.

  • Then, in the directory where you downloaded the updated docker-compose.yml manifest, run docker-compose up -d. Your Epoch instance is now updated.


  • From the Marathon UI, click on the Epoch app and suspend your current instance of Epoch.

  • Next, go to the JSON edit mode of the Epoch app. You can arrive here by clicking on Configuration --> Edit --> Toggle "JSON".

  • Copy the contents of the updated epoch-dcos.json installation manifest you downloaded into the edit box.

  • "Scale" the application back to a single instance. Your Epoch instance is now updated.

  • You may also execute the above steps entirely from the DCOS CLI, if desired.


  • First, stop your existing instance of Epoch AOC.

  • Next, re-run the installation instructions here with your new manifest.

Upgrading your collectors

When Epoch AOC is upgraded, the collectors -- whether running on plain Linux or as a container -- are automatically upgraded.