Netsil datasources provide the cpu, memory, queue status, etc. for monitoring health and performance of Netsil AOC itself. The datasources also have attributes such as node uuid to identify the stream processors handling the network interactions within AOC.

Datasource Available Aggregations Unit Description
netsil.cpu_stats avg min max percent Percentage of CPU used.
netsil.mem_stats avg min max percent Percentage of Memory used.
netsil.pipeline_stats.pipeline_fill avg min max percent Percentage of pipeline fill.
netsil.component_stats.queueing_delay avg sum microsecond Queueing Delay.
netsil.component_stats.queueing_delay.rate rate microsecond/s Rate of queueing delay.
netsil.component_stats.queueing_delay.count count microsecond Sum of queueing delay.
netsil.component_stats.queueing_delay.throughput throughput microsecond/s Rate of sum of queueing delay.
netsil.component_stats.processing_delay avg sum microsecond Processing Delay.
netsil.component_stats.processing_delay.rate rate microsecond/s Rate of processing delay.
netsil.component_stats.processing_delay.count count microsecond Sum of processing delay.
netsil.component_stats.processing_delay.throughput throughput microsecond/s Rate of sum of processing delay.