Supported Platforms

Supported Installation Platforms for Collectors

Platform Extent of Support
Debian Debian 8*
Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 - 17.04*
RHEL/CentOS OSes based on Rhel 6.9 or 7
Docker v1.10 and above
Kubernetes v1.5 and above
DCOS v1.7 and above
Amazon ECS Pending*
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Pending*

If you do not see your operating system supported, we would recommend installing docker on your machine first, and then running the collectors as a docker container.

For more information on platforms where collector support is pending, feel free to contact Netsil support at our public slack channel or email

  • Note: There are some known issues with collector autoupgrade on Debian-based systems. On Debian-based systems, Netsil is setting the environment variable NETSIL_COLLECTORS_AUTOUPGRADE=no by default to disable collector autoupgrades.