• Absence of protocol metrics obtained from network requests and responses
    • long running TCP connections - Epoch collectors need to capture conversations from the beginning of a TCP connection. In other words, it cannot reconstruct a conversation from the middle of an already established connection. If this is the case, you could try one of the following things:
      • reduce timeouts for DB connections so that apps frequently re-establishes connections
      • ensure that the collector is running before you start your app
    • encrypted traffic - if you are encrypting your traffic using SSL, you would need to setup SSLsplit.
  • Absence of infrastructure metrics exposed by the database (obtained using dd-agent)
    • It is possible that you might not have configured the infrastructure integration correctly. Please refer the integrations section for details on how to correctly configure this particular integration. Note that protocol metrics (layer4 or layer7) are automatically available without any additional configuration.