Please refer to this guide for general installation instructions.

1). You may access the AOC image from the Azure Marketplace. Click on “Get it Now” and log-in to your Marketplace account

2). Select Resource Manager as the deployment model and click “Create”.

resource manager

3). Fill out the Name, User name, and either your SSH public key or a password. Select VM disk type as SSD. If you are a first time user of the AOC then we recommend creating a new Resource Group.

authentication information

4). Select the DS4_V2 instance or equivalent VM size. The minimum instance size to run the AOC is 4 CPUs, 16GB of memory but we recommended an instance size of 8 CPUs and 28 GB of memory, or larger.

5). In the next step, choose the Storage, Network, Extensions, and High Availability options that are relevant for your application. Under the Network security group tab, you will be able to see the firewall rules that need to be opened to allow traffic to be sent to the AOC. Please refer to this page for information on firewall rules.

firewall rules

6). On the summary page, verify that your settings are correct, and proceed.

7). Click "Purchase"and wait for Netsil to deploy. It might take about 20 mins to deploy before you can launch the AOC with: https://${your_netsil_ip}

8). Remember to install the collectors -- our traffic collection agents — on the hosts that you wish to monitor.

Also, the Azure deployment supports scale-out capability of the AOC cluster by adding more worker instances.